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Alhaji Shuaib Ajidagba (Ajifat)

His emergence into the political scene in Ifelodun local Government was unprecedented. His predecessors had perceivable lock over the affairs of governance in Ifelodun LCDA, so much so that it was much easier for a camel to go through the needles eyes than anybody to make political relevance in their domain. Infact a public presentation of the anointed for the office of the chairman had been done even before vote was casted. Just when the masses and party faithful’s were gearing up to campaign for the proposed anointed, the tables turned, the party hierarchy through the daily newspaper published the names of its candidates. Alhaji Ajidagba popularly known as Ajifat emerged as the flag bearer for the office of the Executive Chairman, Ifelodun LCDA. How the cards turned in his favour still remains a mystery yet to be unraveled.

Since 2011, Ajifat has developed a system of governance that places premium importance on the people. He practices an incurable open door policy. Regardless of your social status you have undeniable access to him. The slogan is if you can wait, you will see him. No wonder his residence on Ojo road is always like a diagnostic center where people come to seek solutions to their didactic problems. From malaria, to naming ceremony, from children being naughty and needs to be reprimanded, to resolving communal conflict he always gives audience.

“Ajifat is my man anyday, anytime! The man like everybody, well well. As it take dey him  mind na so he go talk, he no they hide mouth (he calls a spade a spade)” says one of the many visitors to his house

Like the administration of his Excellency, Governor Akinwumi Ambode, he was quick to discern that if you develop policies that will serve the people, then you will have their loyalty. Staffs of the local council are always quick to testify to his people oriented style of leadership. They say he is more interested in the welfare of the staffs than the work you have been assigned to do, reasons being that he is of the opinion that you can’t get the best from a man that is unwell.

Ajifat is all about the people, he cares for them, shares in their victory and pain, and loves them unconditionally, come 2019, the people will listen to him on the direction they should go. Why? Because they TRUST HIM.


Tajudeen Ajide

One will think that with all the misfortune that had befallen this ex-footballer, and master tactician, it is enough to make him throw in the towel and quit the political scene of Surulere local government. Surprisingly it has only strengthened him to do more for the party he has come to love with every breathe he has. Tajudeen Ajide takes the fact that he represents the Party very seriously and so his commitment to ensuring that good governance is enjoyed in Surulere is non-negotiable. When quizzed by a team of journalist on why has his present state of health not slowed him down at discharging his statutory obligation in office as the executive chairman. His summation was that what preoccupies his mind is to deliver legacy projects resident and the current local government administration will be proud of.

Ajide is a staunch believer of the fact that the APC has the finest brains to deliver dividends of democracy to its citizens across the nation and as such he cannot afford to relax on his oars and let down the party. Thus, informed the several innovative projects he is undertaking for the local government.

From feelers gathered across the local government, it’s pertinent to mention that the people have noticed his commitment, his bravery and dedication to duty. Therefore It won’t come as a surprise that the party will do very well in the forth coming election in his domain because the people have the gallant image of their leader, wounded but not destroyed to look up to.


Kolade David Alabi

Kolade Alabi’s exemplary leadership qualities stroke the flame of debate on talents being born or made. Or how do you explain a man that has spent is greater part of his career in a private corporate setting, take hold of the affairs of a public environment so effectively as if the private setting was just an extension of his present statutory obligation. This can only be better understood when you see him amongst his constituency, the people that gave him the mandate to lead them. With Kolade Alabi, it is almost impossible to distinguish the leader and the follower as they collaborate to make sure that dividend of democracy is enjoyed by all and sundry.

His command of the trust of the people is informed by his unassuming posture and his ability to engage experiences gathered from his training as a lawyer, chartered mediator and conciliator. No wonder every time there is a leadership vacuum, the name on the lips of every grassroot person in Somolu environs is Kolade Alabi, not minding if he has occupied the office before or not. His resume as two time vice chairman of Bariga LCDA, Executive Secretary of the same LCDA, one time Chairman of Conference 57, and presently the Executive Chairman of Bariga LCDA speaks volume of his leadership potentials. Come 2019, as long as Kolade David Alabi is still the executive Chairman of Bariga LCDA, His party All Peoples Congress (APC) will find a soft landing in the hearts of the grassroot.



The parable narrated by Jesus in the book of the bible Mathew 25 vs 15-16 best describes the efficiency to which Hon Kehinde Bamigbetan as discharged his duties as Special Adviser to the Governor on Communities and Communication. By taking the responsibility accorded him, he did not hesitate to put it into business and the result is the well-deserved promotion and elevation to the office of the Honourable commissioner for information and strategy

While others accorded similar responsibilities where yet to understand their job description, Kehinde Bamigbetan knew that to get results, the grassroot was his designation. From Igbogbo to Ijegun, Snake Island to Monkey village, anywhere the government needed its message heard, Bamigbetan became the voice. Breaking down complex administrative policies to rudimentary syllables better understood by the pepper seller in the inter land and suburb of Lagos became is specialty.

The master stoke like a professional artist that understood his game, was his initiative to gather institutions practicing journalism at the grassroot, encourage them, inspire them, sharpen their saws by giving them ample exposure to global best training for efficiency, and, supporting their businesses by way of advert. It was an investment that changed the game of effective communication in Lagos State. The result was phenomenal! Kayode the shoe cobbler knew by the information from Surulere Watch a community newspaper covering Surulere metropolis that he could access the Lagos State Employment trust fund to grow his business. Agege on-line tv, meticulously familiarized its constituency on the governments activity in view of the Pen-Cinema flyover project. The people were no longer in the dark again! Itesiwaju Eko midwifed a potential Summit for the people of Ajegunle in Ajeromi – Ifelodun.

Shortly immediately after his appointment as the Honourable Commissioner for information and Strategy, his statement on his social media handle; facebook emphatically establishes the fact that his choice by the administration was in the right direction of putting round pegs, in round holes. He once again has demonstrated that he knows why he was appointed; “I am grateful to his Excellency, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode, my Visionary and strategic Principal for making me the commissioner for information & Strategy of Lagos State at the beginning of an election cycle. From now till he shall be re-elected for a second term in 2019, the campaign to persuade every resident of Lagos State that this administration has earned their trust and confidence and should be appropriately re-elected has taken off, Welcome to March of Victory!” as said by kehinde Bamigbetan