The photos of an extra horny Nigerian man who continuously harasses his female neighbours by masturbating in their presence, have emerged online and gone viral.

The horny man
An Instagram user identified as Alabi Babatunde Sulaiman (@alabibabatundesulaiman) has taken to the social networking platform to post photos and to share the story of a Nigerian man who subjects his female neighbours to continuous harassment by always masturbating in her presence.
Salaiman wrote: “This picture is from a lady friend who has faced many embarrassing behaviour from her opposite door neighbour called Emma. This man waits for these ladies to come home from work and open his door which is opposite the ladies room and starts masturbating himself.
“This picture is taken today 26/04/2017 in one of his escapades. What he tends to achieve by his action is what still unknown.”
Emma’s mental state could not be ascertained, but the man’s disgusting act has however been condemned by many who have said that his action are no different from that of a sexual predator. Others have even advised that the lady reports the matter to both the landlord and to the Police before the unfortunate happens.