If you are looking to distribute your superlative and entertaining content to a wide audience, then moreafricanvideos.com should be your best option.

Moreafricanvideos.com is the YouTube of Africa, or, rather, it wants to be. According to the founder Emmanuel Muojeke, moreafricanvideos.com is a video sharing site where you can  distribute your content to other audiences.

Speaking on the need to use the site,  Muojeke said “I realised that a lot of video sharing services come and go and many of the websites I have previously seen were no longer live. Some had been bought by larger organizations but many of them had just been shut down, most likely due to the cost of running this sort of website.but this platform will portray our African contents to the world.”

The site which only deals on African contents, short videos, movies etc is a cutting edge for upcoming artistes, Travel & Tour firms, brands, etc. There are no strict video requirements, you can just upload any video on moreafricanvideos.com.

How to make money on Moreafricanvideos.com:
In future moreafricanvideos.com will  announce a reward program. In This program, if your video receives 20,000 views with no copyright issue, you will be rewarded with 0.25$ for every 1000 Views.

This will be a very good option for you to start making money because here, you don’t need to make your own videos, you may just collect videos from the internet and upload.