A man has shamed his cheating girlfriend in a most remarkable manner after catching her passed out in bed with another man.

Dustin’s post have went viral after he publicly shamed his girlfriend
A man has left many people talking after what he did upon finding his girlfriend lying in bed probably after many rounds of hot s*x. The boyfriend didn’t fight like most people would, instead, he brought out his phone and took photos of his girlfriend and the cheating partner passed out in bed.

The man identified as Duston Holloway, 23, from Emory, Texas, posted the photos on social media with many people talking about the incident.
He posted it with the caption: “When you come home to another man in your bed with the one you loved!

“Good men deserve good women.” 
When questioned on Facebook, Duston admitted that he initially wanted to “kick” the stranger’s “a**”.
He added: “But I calmly just took selfies and walked like a boss lol.

“I did tap her to wake her up but she was drunk as a skunk passed out.

The 23-year-old posted the snaps along with the caption ‘good men deserve good women’

“I was gonna ask if I was gonna have to sleep in the spare bedroom and what kinda breakfast the dude liked lmao.”
Duston’s response to the situation has created a social media sensation with thousands of online users praising his actions.