Soundgod enables musicians to fully focus on their relationship with fans through full Facebook & YouTube integration and easy sharing of distributed content. By using  you turn every listener into cash.

About the deal

The platform empowers users on five key activities:

Song & Release Management – Upload your songs and create your releases

Digital Distribution – Get your songs on popular music services like Spotify and  iTunes etc,

Promotion – Share releases and songs to fans on Facebook and YouTube

Reporting – See where your earnings come from and who your fans are

Revenue Collection – Collect all your revenue, because Soundgod pays you 95%

Connect with other members in your team through Facebook.

Simple music distribution!

  • • Release to Spotify, Apple Music & more
  • • Get 95% of your royalties
  • • Reach fans on Facebook & Youtube
  • • Get discovered by professionals


SOUNDGOD will pay you one-hundred percent (95%) of any and all Net Royalties as received from the authorized Music Services and/or Soundgod’s Digital Distribution Partners. Accounting statements and your Net Royalties will be posted to your Soundgod user account in a timely fashion after Soundgod’s receipt thereof. Once payment has been credited to your Soundgod user account, you will be able to withdraw the outstanding amount at your discretion. Your balance must exceed a minimum of N8000 naira to withdraw money from your account. You will be solemnly responsible for any bank transfer and Paypal transaction fees or other charges related to such withdrawals.

Kindly send your songs to email;;