Thibaut Courtois has for the thousandth time apparently offered himself to Real Madrid.

Chelsea’s goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has apparently offered himself to Real Madrid in the hopes that they will sign him from Chelsea.  Despite Keylor Navas’ two Champions League wins and being the best ever player for his nation apparently Perez and Los Blancos feel that a new goalkeeper is the player that will put Madrid over the edge.

Having spent three years of his early career at city rivals Atletico Madrid Courtois has on many occasions remarked at how he “feels Spanish” and loved the culture of the city.  He would like to return to Spain to live some day and that he’s never felt as comfortable someplace else.

There was of course the wildly unprofessional and rude moment in which he revealed he had been having private discussions about his injury last season with Real Madrid president Florentino Perez.

It would be excellent business for Chelsea to rid themselves of the constant worry that is Thibaut Courtois’ lack of professionalism.  It is almost as if an internal clock in the young man rings and he must act in an unprofessional manner with the media.

Chelsea have several young goalkeepers in the youth levels and on loan who will be fantastic at the top level soon enough.  Between Jamal Blackman, Marcin Bulka and Bradley Collins Chelsea have several options to keep the club on the straight and narrow for more than the next decade without Courtois.

Another important factor is that Courtois’ contract is coming up and he is demanding Chelsea double his salary.  Chelsea should not respond to that sort of threat and the fact that his flirtations seemingly stem from a certain interest in his own bookkeeping doesn’t make Courtois anymore of an appealing character to have around in the first place.  If a player earns a new contract with professionalism and courage in the shirt they should be rewarded with a new longer contract not simply because they demanded it and “want, want, want it badly Daddy” like a spoiled child.

Before Courtois’ contract runs out Chelsea should make the most of him and sell him to Real Madrid.  If City are paying 35 million for Ederson than that means Courtois is worth at least 50-55 million pounds.  With that money Chelsea can invest more heavily in their forward positions as well as the wing back roles.  By doing this Chelsea will be making a large profit as well as setting a standard for professional behavior.