Following revelations of flaws in recent bum photos of Kim Kardashian vacationing in Mexico, new unedited photos of her backside have emerged.

Kim Kardashian has shown off her unairbrushed bum again in a thong bikini as she continues her luxury break with sister Kourtney.
According to The Sun, the reality star has debuted a more natural look during her sun-soaked holiday. The sisters are celebrating Kourtney’s 38th birthday on a luxury vacation at a £13,000-a-night resort in Mexico, and mother-of-two Kim has hit headlines as she showed off her curves au naturel.
Kim Kardashian shows off his famous bum wearing a thong pant

Many people had reacted to the photos which look far different from what she usually post on social media. Most of her photos are well edited perfectly removing any flaws.
However, cameras have now gotten the unedited photos revealing some of the flaws in her edited photos. The new photos are far from perfect and shows the flaws many people don’t see when the photos are edited.