Seven out of 10 Americans believe Donald Trump’s behavior in office has been ‘unpresidential,’ and his Twitter binges aren’t swinging things in his favor.

That stunning number is coupled with an astonishingly low 36 per cent overall approval rating, the worst recorded in 70 years.

And more than half of Americans – 57 per cent – say the more they hear about Trump, the less they like him.

An ABC News–Washington Post poll delivered the bad news on Sunday and Monday.

Trump spun his approval number as ‘almost 40%,’ saying it’s ‘not bad at this time.’

He played to his base with that tweet, a strategy that could be his only political refuge at a time when his Obamacare repeal effort has stalled and his White House is beset with embarrassing leaks playing to Democrats’ narratives about Russian election collusion.

The poll found that 82 per cent of Republicans still approve of the way he’s handling his job.

But tweeting remains a double-edged sword for the president, with 68 per cent saying his use of the social media platform is ‘inappropriate’ and 65 per cent calling it ‘insulting.

Another 52 percent called it ‘dangerous,’ the same number who disagreed that it’s ‘effective.’

Even among Republicans, just 41 per cent say his tweets are ‘refreshing.

The poll found six in 10 Americans believe Russia tried to influence the November election’s outcome.

Just 41 per cent of that group, however – nearly all of them Democrats – say the Trump campaign intentionally helped Russia interfere.

Despite a furious news cycle about a meeting last year between Donald Trump Jr. and an opportunistic Russian lobbyist, that number remains largely unchanged since April.

In a separate Bloomberg poll released Monday, Trump’s overall approval rating hit 40 per cent.

Fifty-five percent see him unfavorably, and 61 per cent say the United States is headed down the wrong path.

Both of those numbers have increased by 12 percentage points since December, the month before Trump took office.