The trending of wearing mere body paintings abroad has been gaining momentum with a successful experiment by a model in Europe.

Crystal Eastman on the street
Well, this was an experiment carried out by Mailonline and it got the craziest results ever.

The social experiment required Crystal Eastman, a 24-year-old model, to walk down a busy beachfront n*ked, her skin covered in body paint for to see if passerby would notice, and surprisingly some people passed her without noticing anything was amiss.
She was almost n*ked, except for a piece of thongs and nipple clovers and sprayed with black and green paint that resembled skintight workout clothes.
A few people noticed though, but the majority did not. Speaking on the experience, Crystal said; “What’s so funny is that people wouldn’t realise. This one girl working in a shop invited me to look around her store and I said ‘sorry I don’t have any money on me’ and she said come in anyway.
“So I told her ‘no I literally have nothing on me!’ and she had no idea. I definitely recommend it, it’s so liberating. You can’t even really tell, you feel like you’re clothed. But I noticed a lot of people wanted to look and I tried not to catch their eyes to not make it too noticeable. Then people would look a little closer and realize, whereas some people wouldn’t even realise at all.”
Watch the video of another body painting experiment carried out by Mailonline below: