MYNATION NEWS – Here is trending report as A Social Media user has exposed the deplorable state where Suya meats are prepared in the country, while warning people to be wary. In the photos shared online by the user, the environment where the suya is prepared looks unhygienic.
Now from the water used for washing the meat to the table where the meat is kept before being chopped can make someone vomit. The floor looks like gutter.
After sharing the photos, many people were left in shock as they cannot believe how the meat sellers can do such a thing.
Recall that the Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole, had in the past raised alarm against the consumption of some popular delicacies like Suya, saying it is dangerous to the health.
According to the Minister, other forms of meat including Kilishi (spicy dried cow meat) and Ngwo-Ngwo, (assorted meat pepper soup) also lead to the death of many Nigerians as they cause hypertension leading cardiovascular disease in Nigeria and can result in stroke if untreated.
See more photos below: