Photos have emerged on social media showing the moment a Nigerian young girl gave birth to a totally ‘strange’ baby like never seen before in recent times.

Mother and baby
A Facebook user identified as Smart Believe, has taken to the social networking platform to post the photos of a young girl and her ‘strange’ newborn baby.
According to the social media user who shared the photos and didn’t disclose where it happened, the girl gave birth to a ‘monster’ as a question was asked what could have caused such strange deformity.
While some think the birth has to do with something spiritual, others have argued online that this is a medical condition.
Smart posted the photos and wrote; “The baby is not a monster… it’s a hereditary deficiency passed down by generational parents who both have the blood cell to trigger this birth…its an over growth of skin,like excess skin growth where a new skin generates always. 
“It’s difficult to handle such children cuz they are prone to infection if not properly taken care of…”