A man has been caught on camera killing a car wash worker just because the man allegedly refused to wash his BMW.

A video has shown the moment a client knocked out a car wash worker killing him with one punch in Moscow. The attack was caught on CCTV cameras.
The footage shows two young and strong men entering the building of the car wash. At first, they are seen talking to workers.
A few minutes later, a quarrel breaks out between them, and one of the visitors suddenly punches his opponent and knocks him down. The next moment, he punches another worker causing both to collapse on the floor.
The man who took the second punch stayed alive, but the first victim was killed; paramedics failed to save his life.
According to Pravda Report, the attacker, a 24-year-old Muscovite of non-Slavic appearance, who has a criminal record, will go to jail for at least eight years.
Supposedly, he killed the car wash worker after the latter refused to wash his BMW.
Watch the video below: