When the word correct is used in Nigeria it simply means something that is on point, okay, beautiful or awesome. What does Qorect.com have in mind for respelling correct as qorect in the e-commerce industry?

Correct is definitely more of an indigenous word than an English word. This is how an average Nigerian might choose to use the word “correct”.

“Guy Your Shoe Correct”

As an English word, correct is getting something right. The e-commerce industry in Nigeria has seen growth over the past few years but presently it seems it has got to the peak of its growth and though there have been a couple of newbies claiming to have something new, at the end of the day it turns out to be the same old things.

“Omo mehn! Nothing correct for this site”

Everybody expects something new to spice up the old one and shopping online is no different. The question now is “where is that correct online shopping mall?”

Only one platform looks promising and that is:


Qorect.com as seen in their site aims to bring both conventional and unconventional product to the online shopping space.

From a conventional perspective, all e-commerce platforms these days focus on same category of products such as fashion, brand new electronics and gadgets, etc. They all claim to be affordable but at the end, price are set at the rate where an average Nigerian rarely can afford or willing to give up money to purchase it.

On the other hand, unconventional market can be seen in this context as the part of the traditional market that has not gained online presence due to their nature and yet they are popularly patronised in the Nigerian offline market. Markets in this category includes: UK used phones and laptops, Nigerian handmade fashion items such as shoes and wears, maintenance and repair services for gadgets and wholesale services  etc.

Why Shopping On Qorect.Com Is Correct For You

Qorect.com is presently Nigeria’s fastest growing online shopping mall. When you shop on Qorect.com, you get to have a bite from the conventional and unconventional part of the online shopping space.

Shop on Qorect.com now!

UK Used laptops with guaranty

Nigerian senator wears

Qorect repairs


Due to their respelling of correct as Qorect, it could be mistaken as korrect, qorrect and even correct.com but nevertheless correct is still Qorect.